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Find the whole collection, to decorate the room of your children. All of our April Eleven products are handmade in France.

Our brand is a French brand of room decoration for child and baby. Our customers also buy a lot of products to offer as a birth gift. The objects that we manufacture are made of wood for the most part. This is it is not an...

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    Your baby will soon catch everything that moves, so he needs something adapted to his morphology. With this beautiful wooden rattle, with 3 wooden beads, he can increase his dexterity and make music. This wooden rattle was made of natural beech wood, untreated so perfectly suited to your baby. Montessori method inspiration & APRIL ELEVEN logo....
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    This XXL lange will follow you everywhere. A small blanket that is neither too warm nor too light for a newborn baby who, as we know, must be protected from drafts even in hot weather. Dimension: 110 x 110 cm
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    To slide urgently into the baby toilet bag. Our beautiful wooden hairbrush is a must-have for baby accessories. You will gently brush the fragile head of your child in all delicacy. Our model is customizable with the first name and date of birth of the child. Dimension: 15 cm
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    Autumn inspires us and we designed this pretty leaf to decorate your child's room. Dimension: 22 x 21 cm
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    This new print is really in tune with the times. This caramel print with little rainbows is perfect for fall. Our swings are designed for children from 5 months to 14kilos. Remember to buy an extension cord if your ceiling is high.
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    An indoor or outdoor cloth scale for your child. This scale is very useful and its pendulum motion calms your baby. When your child has grown up he will have fun balancing his dolls or teddies. It is good to stay away from your child and to fix the swing to 30 cm from the ground. It does not help a child up to 15 kilos.
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    Pretty little wooden heart to decorate your child's room. Our wooden music box is made in France. Size 22 x 22 cmCha · Hey Jude - Music Box
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    Our wall lamp in the shape of a mischievous planet, will amuse children who will have it in their room. Size: 21 x 29 cm
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    Product available with different options
    For our second birth set we have chosen to add a personalized hairbrush to make this gift even more complete and unique. It contains the essentials of useful products for the first months of baby. Inside, a little decoration and a lot of exclusive products for the development of the child during its first months.
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