The Black and White Trend

The Black and White Trend

I never thought I had succumbed to this tendency of black and white for the children's room. But it is clear that there are really advantages and especially a graphic aspect guaranteed I can not resist!

If I had been told that I would become addicted to this mix, I certainly would not have believed it!

Black for a child's room? wahhhhhhh rather sinister as color! And white? Let's not talk about it ...

When we know that our children throw themselves on their beds to jump 4 times a day with foot toes foot to foot, impossible to find a washing machine that would keep pace. Our little ones grow so fast and have more and more a notice to give on this space dedicated to them!

So it's true that the atmosphere princess of miles and one night or photo safari with all the animals of the savanna, one can quickly get tired of it ... (especially wonder what passed by the head when we saw the wallpaper jungle forever, pregnant 3 months and we shouted oh j'adooooore !!! no but WTF!)

Black and white is a sure value, of the timeless that pleases to all ages and that does not age.

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The black stripe & banche is a graphic trick that allows to introduce, by key, the black.

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Another trick, varying the shapes, sizes, patterns are modernizing its walls ...

By remaining bicoloured, there will be no fault of taste. We can even afford to mix prints, as here the firs with zigzag stripes!

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Taming this black that makes us so scared.

Paint a whole wall in black to give personality to your child's room, or better, paint a wall with blackboard paint. Your kids will love the idea of ​​being able to draw on the walls for sure!

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The good idea is the complete two-tone, you will have understood ... But to warm a little atmosphere a touch of wood can prove to be a key to the success of a room perfectly balanced. The products from our April Eleven collection are therefore perfectly suitable for this kind of decoration.

In these rooms imagined by the shop THE YOUNGSTERS, we find the products of our collection!

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