Copper trend

Copper trend

The last time copper was in the spotlight, it was in the kitchen and more precisely on the side of pans ...

The copper trend is free from the kitchen and ends up in the living room in a small decorative touch: on a cushion, a photophore or a luminaire. Unveiling the raw materials and restoring them to their nobility, this is where the deco trends of the moment lead us.

If the wood and the brick have already made much talk about them, it is now the turn of the copper to be restored to the taste of the day. Yet the big difference is that copper is not updated as a material but as a color.

Copper is a brilliant and warm material, it is real an asset to create an offbeat and unique decoration. User and without abuse of this color, it also bring a chic touch to its interior.

In touch with its decoration, it harmonizes very well with the pale tones...

Like white, beige, light pink, gray ... If you want to accentuate the rough appearance of the copper combine it with marble just sanded...

The marriage of these two materials is divine!

It can obviously use it sparingly in the kitchen ...

One does not wish to go back with the version of grandmother pans attached to the wall in ascending order!

Here one leaves his piping apparent and one suspends ustenciles. The Tolix inspiration bar stools are even more beautiful in copper.


They dared at Vans, the copper version for this basketball and we love the rendering :)


DIY is not lacking, here is my selection. Copper your "perfect" glass jars to give them a chic and modern look. On the metal it gives a crazy appearance, and makes us want to pull out the paper lockers of the closets. You can cut the bottom of a can and paint it in copper to create pretty little flower pots.


Who said that copper was a color exclusively for girls? Mixed with black, we love it enormously.

Posted on 05/24/2017 Inspiration 1618