French Poupon, baby box.

French Poupon, baby box.

FRENCH POUPON what is it? A new start-up in Bordeaux is first and foremost what has seduced us ... and it is a gynecologist who is at the head of this new company!

So he knows what he is talking about ... So we were reassured! At first the idea of ​​sleeping my future mademoiselle in a box cardboard appeared to me a little special ...

But since I inquired about the subject, and a bed adapted to the size of baby proves to be paramount. The idea comes from the base of our Finnish friends!

The idea of ​​the Finnish government is that all children are equal, whether rich or poor, everyone gets their box. Since 1938, Finnish babies sleep in "baby boxes", cardboard boxes with a mattress.

The box arrives at all mothers-to-be, just before birth, and contains everything needed for the first few days of an infant, before becoming a cradle.

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I had the pleasure to receive a nice box to test the concept, discover the products but especially let you win one! Sincerely it is a joy to receive it, especially when we have never had a child! It immediately makes things more concrete ...

The countdown is launched for me and I confess that the box is filled with essential products that we adopted from the first days.

Here is the content of this box, there is another formula, since the principle is to compose or even the box according to its needs.

- 1 cardboard box

- 1 mattress

- 1 mattress protector

- 1 fitted sheet

- 1 white cotton body

- 1 white velvet pajamas

- 1 apron in sponge for the bath

- 1 DODIE bottle decorated with animals of the forest <3

- 1 sponge bib

- 1 bracelet for Mom from the shop L'Epicerie

- 1 mobile Scandinavian Swans from Flensted mobile

- 1 book of good advice

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A complete box that I find really adapted to the first needs of baby. The products are of high quality and the discovery of its content is really a great excitement.

Prices range between 79euros and 499euros for the most complete. The prices are a bit high, but I think it's a gift idea for baby shower for example.

As I explained, there is a box to compose according to its needs and desires.

We will soon be in this category and you will be able to find products April Eleven in the poupon box! We are so excited, yet a great partnership.

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Here is our product selection available soon in the french poupon shop.

The star or heart music box, a cactus hanger, a bear mirror.

To play and try to win the baby box as we present it to you here, just tell us which April Eleven product you prefer and invite a person to play.

Good luck !

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