Into Romie's room

Into Romie's room

We waited for our Romie, almost 9 months to the day ... So we had time to refine his room, even if it's not really what I had in mind it is a happy mess that he I like it, I think.

On the bottom of the room we laid a wallpaper bought in Sweden white background with dotted lines, effect school notebook. He is sober and mixed, just super nice, everyone thinks we tiled the wall of his room. I made a crown with an embroidery ring and dried eucalyptus leaves. Our wooden ice cream miror naturally found its place.

Here is the first soft toy that I bought him, I had the crush for this young French brand. Atelier Angus, created of "imaginary tail" as defined by its creator.

In short pretty blanket, a sulky strand, arms crosés, long legs, eyes closed. Rather decorative, because a little hard to put in the hands of our babies. Each character is hand-painted with textile water-based paint, resistant to the washing machine on delicate program 40 °.

The pretty fabrics worn are in cotton, and the faces are in linen & cotton. They are filled with anti-mite and anti-allergic polyester wadding. Each model is unique, in short you have understood, I can talk about it for a long time ...

To continue in the handmade, a piece of furniture that is particularly close to my heart. This is my dad's gift, for Romie. A row as I had drawn, with a large drawer to store all his stuff ... and shelves for his toys. The changing table part is removable, so that we can use this furniture in another room later. The angles are bevelled, the edge of this plywood forms pretty stripes, the white lacquered drawer is perforated. An essential piece for the decoration of Romie's room.

The little Zara dress that was offered to us. I love it, the simple print, the little girl frills and the matching bloomer underneath.

We made our birth list on milirose which allowed us to choose what we wanted.

A favorite for this sublime cover of "la mericaine" Made from wool, the capes of La Méricaine are incredible to wrap ... Snuggle ...

The famous sleeping bag that every good mother must have for her child. So we cracked for it made by Arsène and pipelettes, a mark of the Basque country for children that I love to madness. A sea print with characters playing in the waves and inside a soft pattern in shades of pinkish beige. The model is reversible.

The model comes in two sizes, and right now you have the winter version, printed retro sport patterns and soft fleece.

In the cloakroom of Romie, there are also small dresses light, which are almost part of the decor ... This is a small model boat, light and flowery, that I love.

The little pink body with surfers, you've seen it! rooooooo he is so hot! Surf, Love and Rock n Roll are united in the British brand Love & Honor. The brand is inspired by our family life on the Atlantic coast, surfing and daddy's work as a tour musician. Love & Honor clothes are made in a small family factory in Europe using certified organic fabrics.

I created a garland of wooden balls to hang some clothes, I hope that growing up it will please him to choose his clothes.

We are always a little fun when we decorate the room of his children ... we must admit it;) I would have dreamed wearing this kind of small crown so I cracked and I put this one in wool pom-poms, on his little string shelf. Meri meri a brand for a child of which I am absolutely a fan.

We have recently been offered the unicorn, my god she is pretty.

THE first gift bought at Romie at Playtime in January. Chance does things well, as they say! my booth neighbor is the editor, Pioro edition, of this beautiful book on the seasons.

The drawings are sublime, the illustrator Carly Gledhill, retraces the seasons and introduces the little ones to the subtleties of these four periods of the year.

A few other pieces that make up Romie's room, this vintage Fisher Price record player that everyone knows ... sold to Fnac here. We often take him to the garden to listen to music. The garland of knitted pennants, super long super perfect from meri meri ordered from Plumeti, I told you I love this brand :) I chose this diaper bag, Lässig, for its ultra compact and complete side.

The storage is numerous, inside there is a changing mat, a kit, a removable insulated bottle holder.

It can be worn by hand, shoulder or backpack. Ideal for weekends, it is semi-rigid to store a lot of things in an orderly way. The cute little Micocola slippers sold at the Loulou in the woods shop in Hossegor.

In her bed, I wanted some color, the mustard yellow round bed comes from nobodinoz. The duvet cover is printed on both sides, it comes from laredoute and fitted sheet that I love with these small lemons, 3 Swiss. And you have certainly spotted him?

This sublime seagull and this ring with the small whale are handmade and with a lot of love by Emilie, here is the link of his account instagram, it is here.

You can order, I say that I say nothing;) it is here At the maternity they did not leave the cradle of Romie and I can tell you that the caregivers were jealous ...

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