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  • Coffret de naissance April Eleven

    Coffret de naissance April Eleven

    A new baby is coming !!! Quickly I need a nice attention to spoil this new cat ... Birth gifts are often a chore, and always hesitate between practice or fun.Read More

    01/31/2018 Shopping 1377
  • Le Pop up de Stella

    Le Pop up de Stella

    This pretty shop in Courbevoie contains all the brands I like at the moment. So we are more than happy to be part of the selection. Follow us in this beautiful address.Read More

    01/25/2018 Retaillers 2225
  • Good adress BORDEAUX

    Good adress BORDEAUX

    Bordeaux is a city that I love and in which I like to spend time. By hanging out in the cobbled streets of the city I gathered a lot of good addresses that I want to share with you.Read More

    01/18/2018 Travel 1807
  • New wave embrodery

    New wave embrodery

    A great trend that you have certainly spotted last year ... Grandma's embroidery is back and we love it.Read More

    01/08/2018 Inspiration 2311