Un nid dans les nuages

Un nid dans les nuages

I discovered this pretty birth box on facebook, we first have a phone call with Emilie about this project in which she was getting ready to start herself.

A nest in the clouds, offers a benevolent and poetic box that accompanies mothers from the birth of their baby until 1 year.

Emilie asked me to test her birth set, since I was about to become a mother ...

To begin, are you like me conquered by this sublime logo? I had not yet opened the box that I already madly loved.

So I received the pretty box, when I left the maternity ...

Perfect timing, my first outing with baby to the post office to recover the package that I expected so much, and opening I was not disappointed. .. From the opening, a fresh scent of lavender, perfumes the room and necessarily want to discover the contents of this package.

I first liked the harmony of colors by opening the tissue paper ...a powder pink shades that I love so much ...

In the birth box we find:

- a 100% natural massage oil from Saar Soleares, scented with amber and walnut

- a crush "a nest in the clouds" (which I adore <3)

- a liberty health book cover "a nest in the clouds"

- a beige tote bag "a nest in the clouds"

- a sweet surprise concocted by withlove_designs

The products are all well chosen and very useful for the first days of baby.

I chose to breastfeed Romie for a little over a month, and I do not hide the fact that the transition to formula was difficult for her, the first week only (I reassure you).

On the advice of a friend, it was massaged every night with the fabulous oil of Saar Soleares. This oil present in the Box is designed with ingredients of 100% vegetable and organic origin. A few drops on her belly and we turned in the direction of clockwise ... Then we ended up massaging with her legs curled up on her belly.

A beautiful moment of sweetness and complicity with this little bird that we try to tame every day ...

Romie has worn this beautiful crush a lot, to go out but also after the bath to warm his little head.

What I preferred was the precious companion booklet that served me well to understand Romie and not feel guilty about doing well or bad ... I often went out during the nocturnal breasts the first weeks ... It reassured me to understand his sleep pattern, to understand his pesky "crying evening or infant anxiety" that did not last but that drove us crazy!

These booklets have been co-written with a clinical psychologist in perinatality and we feel that it is valuable advice when you find yourself quickly delivered to even with a newborn baby in your arms.

In each booklet you will find:

- essential information on breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, crying ...

- Mother sharing experiences that reveal their personal anecdotes, tips and feelings

- favorite brands

- and a part is dedicated to the first memories

Boxes are composed only of product well chosen by Emilie herself. You will find your account.

Receive 4 Box (one per quarter) with exceptional content that will delight your daily life.

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