Le petit Drugstore

Le petit Drugstore

It has shops that are noticed from the outside. Here we can not be indifferent to this magnificent wooden facade, painted in this deep blue night. The shape of the rounded windows, the cement tiles on the landing, and the parquet that one glimpses suggests a beautiful shop.

# That day when you said to yourself I'm starting? What was the trigger?

Without a doubt it was at the birth of my son GASTON, that I wanted to leave everything to open my own shop. Indeed during my maternity leave, I had time to find beautiful objects and clothes for my baby.

I gradually discovered very beautiful brands, little distributed. And I gathered them at the Little Drugstore.

# What did you do before? I worked in a cabinet as an interior architect.

So you have understood the interior and the front had to be a part of fun for this professional decoration.

# What are the leading brands found at home? To name but a few here are my favorites and those of my clients: small pockets CRAIEjewels Atelier PaulinApril Eleven of course, Povl KJER, Les jouets libres, kreafunk, kids furniture Nofredbeautiful furnitures BlomkalLa langerie ETC….

# A little boy's shopping room?

1 a Nofred chair

2 a Nofred table

3 a camera wall light Photo April Eleven

4 a Blomkal hut bed

5 bed linen La langerie

6 a rocking sheep Povl Kjer

Our mirrors are exposed on the wall of the entrance, with the wooden hut bed of Blomkal.

Miroir ballon 45euros

April Eleven penguin mirror In the middle of the Ferm Living sconces, our caravan music box gives the tempo.

Boite à musique caravane 49euros

# A mixed birth gift idea? My favorite at the moment is the rocking sheep Povl Kjer. I sell it very well to the family and friends of the baby's parents who want to get together to make a bigger birth gift.

The photos come from the blog Gimmy's world that I advise you to read.

# A nice address near Neuilly sur Seine for lunch with the kids or an activity spend the afternoon with them?

As for lunch, I recommend our local Italian restaurant Fratelli. The pastas are delicious and appeal to children, the desserts are divine.

For activities, I advise you to take them to the side of the garden acclimatization and Vuitton Foundation (the bookstore is great for children and parents).

* - * 

Infos pratiques


42 Rue Madeleine Michelis, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

Open Tuesday to Saturday du mardi au samedi

de 10H30 à 19H00

( Closed de 14H à 15H )


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