Piepie Kids

Piepie Kids

Alexandra and Irina, contacted me by email to distribute my products. I was thrilled to sell my products in Ukraine, a new point of sale in a country where my products are not yet distributed. I went to see the facebook of PIEPIE KIDS, and I was surprised to see the modernity and the beautiful selection of this adorable shop.

I hope that the atmosphere of this place will please you, I love it.

You can follow their news on their Instagram accountpiepiekids

# That day when you said you're going? Who chose this pretty name
"PIEPIEKIDS" and what does it mean?

We decided in January 2017 that we want
store where we want to dress our own kids. We are 2 close friends and each
of us has a daughter. 3.5 and 1.4 years old. We were brainstorming together
to choose a name and the first thing that came to mind was Pie Pie which is
something sweet you call your children sometimes. after that we had a
million other name options but at the end stayed with the first idea.

# Have you been slow to find a place? Was the choice of neighborhood
difficult? Have you studied competition in your city before settling?

No, we decided to open our store in a mall near the kids book store
and kids entertainment center. right in the center of Odessa.

# What did you do before? The click to open the shop? How many time

I was working as a brand manager at a big fashion
store and my partner Alexandra and her husband are the organizers of
the biggest festival in Odessa. During my maternity leave I came up
with the idea of a baby store. We started working on it in January2017
and opened on september 30th 2017

# Present us the shop: Do you already have everything in mind? (layout,
presentation of products ...)

Our shop is a mix of clothing and decor. we
try to stock brands that are new for the Ukrainian market and always look
for new and up and coming brands. The design of the store we did ourselves.
Our friend painted the walls and did our branding.

# What are the 3 coolest products you think for a little boy's room?

April11 swing, OYOY wooden moneybank and Trixie Blanket

# What do you recommend as a birth gift? (3/4 products sold at home)

- Liewood and Trixie Muslin cloths

- Trixie Onesies

- Pie Pie bonnets (our own
brand, Image attached)

- Forivor Forest blanket

# Your favorite addresses in Ukraine? Where can easily lunch with children?
Where to enjoy a delicious brunch? Your favorite decorative address around
your shop?

Bernadazzi. Fratelli and True - are the top places to go with
your chilndren and get the most delicious food.

# Practical information

We are open everyday from 10.00 to 20.00

Kadorr Mall 27/1 katerynenskaya str, Odessa Ukraine


We are still working on our website

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