New wave embrodery

New wave embrodery

Look at these beauties! How not to crack ...

The embroidery, if we had told you a few years ago you would have found it completely cheesy;)

But today embroidery is everywhere, T-shirt, jeans jacket, paper but also these frames. Today I concentrated on these small all round formats to install anywhere in the house.

Several account instagram are also a great source of inspiration ...

It is on pinterest and etsy that I flashed for the greatest number ... I hope that my selection will please you and that it will make you want to put you there.

Source Pinterest

Big crush for MoonriseWhims

Please have a look on her instagram Moonrisewhims <3

Foxes and rabbits

Cinder and Honey


Fuzzy and flora

Red Work Stitch


Sarah K Benning BIG BIG love for Sarah's embroidery. The details are amazing, and we can lost lot of time when you start to look at her works.

Sarah K Benning

Sarah K Benning

Posted on 01/08/2018 Inspiration 2297