Coffret de naissance April Eleven

Coffret de naissance April Eleven

In a few days your friend gives birth ... Tic tac tick you need a gift, something useful to the baby but that gives pleasure to his mother.

We made a mixed birth box, which will please the greatest number for sure. I let you discover in pictures what composes it.

Presented in a beautiful turquoise and white striped cardboard box, you will find something to personalize the box, inside the flap. A label to record the name of the child as well as the name of the person offering the gift.

By opening, you will find 4 products. A little decoration for the room of this child but also things useful to his daily life.

I made a little rabbit mirror, oak, easy to install in a room. Babies love their reflection in the mirior. At 4 months for example, the child begins to observe quietly in the mirror by laughing! From seven months, the awakening of baby is much more accentuated, he manipulates the object, discovers his face with the hands ... And discovers interest in the mirror!

In this box, we offer a teething ring in untreated natural beech, perfect for biting into it. You will have the choice between 3 models: the hedgehog, the ice cream cone or the small whale.

In the bottom of the box, we installed a XXL lange. The lange is a fan of baby essentials.

There are various uses for this square of fabric, you can use it:

- as bib
- as protection on the changing table
- like a baby blanket. Finally, you will see, many babies often adopt the diaper as a blanket!
- to cover your chest when you are breastfeeding in public.

This box costs 39euros, it is composed:

1 mirror in the shape of a rabbit

1 XXL lange (4 prints of your choice)

1 chuchu clip (4 printed ones to choose)

1 wooden teething ring (3 shapes to choose from)

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