Loulou in the wood

Loulou in the wood

We do not take you very far this time... Direction Hossegor close to our workshop. Faithful since its opening, the pretty shop of Déborah and Aurélie opened 1 year ago and it is a real cave of ali baba. The universe of the shop is colorful enough, I love to go to see the new products.

The girls always make a very good selection and regularly receive new things.

Photo "Claire Saucaz"

# That day when you said you started?

3 years ago, after having acquired the necessary skills in our various professional experiences to become ourselves entrepreneurs.  # How did you choose this beautiful name? This is the mix of the nickname of my daughter Louise and the surname of my partner Dubois.  

# What did you do before?

International relations in Hospital then saleswoman at Skill for Aurélie Financial director in the surf industry for Déborah (various positions held in this field in France and abroad)  

# What was the trigger to open the shop?

Common desire to propose to Hossegor a new offer in the field of the child but not only. We were at one point in our professional and personal lives where we were ready to set up this business.

Photo "Claire Saucaz"

# Show us the shop:

Loulou In The Woods is a concept store for children and adults in Hossegor. Gift shop, which renews its range of products and its brands as and when the likes and desires of its customers.  

# What is there?

Essentially decoration but also a lot of children's clothes. And many other things also accessories, cards, jewels, gifts of birth ...

Brand : April ElevenBelle vaguePlay and goRose in AprilSass and belleMailegMadam StoltzThe cool companyMinimelCinq MaiRylee and CruLittle LamboDone By DeerElodie DetailsSunnylife AustraliaOli and CarolMy Little DayLes juliettes,OmyNailmaticDesign LettersStudio RomeoFerm Living Kids...

Photo "Claire Saucaz"

A shopping room for little girls?

1- Ferm Living Round Shelf

2- Maileg's doe with polka dots

3- Postcard "Here come the sun" Five May

4- Nightlight rabbit Rose in April

5- Bed bumper Les Juliettes Paris

6- April Eleven white Cupcake mirror and wall light

7- Minimel poster

8 - Play and Go panda printed toy bag

Photo "Playandgo"

A mixed birth gift idea?

We sell very well the storage bag Play and Go, or the mirrors and sconces of the French brand April Eleven ...

Future projects?

Yes, many new brands are coming in our shop in Hossegor as well as on our website www.loulouinthewoods.com

Your top places in Hossegor?

For lunch in Hossegor, we love the feminine address Mango Tree, another great place when you have children Chez Loulou on the beach of Lake Hossegor

Photo du mango tree

Another address in the area in Soorts where we are never disappointed Bidonvilla, but there is also Aunt Jeanne and Green Canteen in the city center of Hossegor.

Tante Jeanne

Green Cantine

For a drink do not miss the huts Lou Cabana and the cabin of the Graviere which serve refreshments feet in the water, breathtaking views of the sunset, there is also the very good wine bar L'Etiquette , where for beer lovers the Kalimutxo or the Heads in Seignosse...

Side fringe, we love going to Matouch who always sells beautiful things bohemian spirit. One in Soorts where we are never disappointed Bidonvilla, but there is also Aunt Jeanne and Green Cantine in the city center of Hossegor.

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