A room for several children

A room for several children

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The family has grown but not home ... no problem, we have compiled a lot of ideas to help you find a nice solution for children. Some of you may have even - choose - to put the children in the same room, to teach them to share the space and allow them to grow together. In any case the development of a room for two children (or more!) Is sometimes a real headache: how to preserve the personal space of each? How to optimize space and have more space? Here are some layout ideas for children's rooms.

CREATE TWO SPACES BY PAINTING, BED LINEN, ACCESSORIES: The "easiest way" is to create two distinct spaces by color.

The most important thing when you want to delimit by the color is to keep a common color, as below, the white. We can see that the bed on the left is in shades of pink and the one on the right in shades of mint. The rendering is gorgeous, and we can imagine two naughty in this pretty nursery.

Péa the houses. Decorator specializing in children's rooms in Montreal.


What we want to show you is that with a hint you can see things differently. These two beds are identical, except with this stroke of paint, we imagine a girl corner and a boy corner.

Space saving with bunk beds
If I tell you about bunk beds, you will find the idea null. The dormitory and retro spirit may not please you.

You find that nerdy! Look instead ...

The architecture studio Barcelona HARQUITECTES has imagined a bed with lots of storage below. He does not take up space and leaves the rest of the room to play.

Here is a sober and elegant idea to approach the bunk beds, seen at tessa hop

If the room is large you can afford to create false partition to separate the space and thus create a small personal area for each child.

We create a false partition with a sliding panel, a curtain, a headboard, shelves ...

Here, what we want is to keep the common space. This separation will only partition the sleeping area.

Here a pretty idea of ​​glass partition painted in a soft color.

You can also partition with a curtain, here on the house side.

If your space allows you, the idea of ​​aligning the beds can seduce you. You can stick the beds or choose to separate them by a piece of furniture like here.

source pinterest

Inside Closet, chez Macha.

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