Ideas for a hallway room

Ideas for a hallway room

Developing a corridor-like room can quickly become a challenge.

Whether it is a kitchen, a bathroom or a living room, a narrow room, or in length, sometimes gives desire to push the walls. The rules to follow to maintain a sense of space.


To give a feeling of lightness, choose low furniture that gives the impression of enlarging the space. A light color and smooth materials that reflect light are selected. We forget about the old, bulky and dark furniture inherited from his grandmother.

The glass and the mirror are also beautiful ideas to remember to gain lightness and light.

If one needs height, one chooses low furniture, and if it is the opposite one installs suspended furniture (niches, caissons, shelves to fix on the wall).

Textile side, you will understand the light materials will have their place (linen, cotton ...) we forget the velvet for example.


When you have a small space to use it is a good idea to install a large table. Actually nowadays, we spend less time in the dining room. Dinners with friends, often turn into an aperitif dinner at the corner of the sofa or in the kitchen.

Here to reduce the corridor effect, a wallpaper was installed in the background, the illusion of seeing the bottom closer, resizes the room.

But be careful not to weigh down the decor, a rested eye perceives a larger space. We opt for furniture on feet, which lighten the decor.

If your dining room is narrow, installing a bench on one side of the table saves space.


Some choose to open spaces and others to partition them. This is certainly the case in this beautiful Parisian apartment. By creating a new partition, the owners have created a kitchen adjoining the stay but closed.

The trick here to have storage without taking up too much space, is to create a matching narrow piece of furniture that faces the kitchen. It keeps a real space to circulate.


The family is growing but not necessarily your home, so often we create a new room to accommodate a new baby.

His room is not necessarily the size you want but rest assured a child does not need much. And I'm sure this image will change your mind quickly.

By installing dressers in the back of the room, as here, we create an optical effect that reduces the impression of corridor. The decorators chose to leave the white walls to enlarge the room. In contrast, the ceiling was covered with a wallpaper with a linear pattern, which was intentionally placed in the direction of the length.

The images that illustrate the article come from the Bible photo @pinterest, thank you for excusing me for not quoting the authors.

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