What music box to choose for baby?

What music box to choose for baby?

A must-have for children and birth gifts, the music boxes are a choice on ..

The child will marvel at watching the little characters dance and fall asleep to the sound of the lullaby. You are sure to please and offer a beautiful object that will participate in the decoration of the nursery.

How to choose a music box?

The first (and most obvious) answer is: which one you like the most! As it is an early age object, it is a little, the first gift you would give to your child, like the irrepressible baby blanket. However, do not choose anything. Like any object that will be in the baby's environment, it is important to make sure that it is safe for him. It also depends on where you chose to install it.

Nomadic or fixed music box?

Often you find in the form of stuffed fabric more or less padded and often not flexible. It is true that they are practical and easy to bring everywhere. For children who need reassurance and benchmarks, it can be comfortable to be able to bring them everywhere with them. You will find nice model on the site of plumeti.fr.

Mobile musical LIEWOOD chez Plumeti.fr

There are wooden models more design as at April Eleven in the form of animals, balloon, heart etc ... Our music boxes are to fix on the wall, so installed you do not fear anything for your child.

Our music boxes are made of natural oak, from eco-managed European forests.

The care of If you want your child to use his music box independently, choose models with child-friendly cuffs or an ergonomic grip system. The shape of the music box can also be a choice on your part.

Doudou musical OYOY chez Plumeti.fr

If you hang it on the wall near your child's bed, it can quickly become a pleasant bedtime ritual. Your child will feel responsible and will be able to operate the melody himself.

APRIL ELEVEN wooden white Cupcake music box available here

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