BERLIN the German capital

BERLIN the German capital

BERLIN, I prefer to tell you that I did not immediately like it. Berlin is gray, it is marked by history, it's junky graffiti ... but it's also super cool eh :) Promised I loved you very quickly. The city is lined with buildings of modern and strict architecture worthy of a business district, but at the turn of a street you always fall a place super colorful and cheerful for a drink, or a big pint.

We went in love to conquer this capital that I did not know yet, leaving our Romie for the first time so long (4 days ... it's a lot for my heart fresh mom, finally the time to do Half a turn on the parking of the nursery and it was already the party in my head ahaha).

Tickets booked so for Berlin from Bordeaux, thank you Easyjet for your prices so sweet ... (75euros return). We left in the early spring and we had a bright sun! The simplest to walk in this huge city of 891 km², 8 times Paris or the equivalent of New York (thank you google) is the metro, take a ticket to the day (7euros). TO


I will not tell you about our hotel which was very decent but badly placed. I think that if I went back there I would like to sleep in the district of Mitte. A hotel that seemed nice to me The hotel AMANO is super well located in the heart of MITTE (about 120euros night). Otherwise for the most stylish and known, there is the 25hours bikini hotel (200euros the night) or the Michel berger hotel (182euros the night). And beyond 3 nights I recommend Air bnb :)


For our first contact with the city, we went to see the Jewish memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Charlie checkpoint (hyper tourism without much interest), the topography of terror (free exhibition super interesting) Nothing better as a program, for understand the horrors and feel the terrors that lived in this city. You can do everything walking :) and all these places are gratits. In all the city, one finds pieces of wall and it is enough hallucinating to imagine the life of the Berliners at this time.

And in the southeast of the city, The East Side Gallery is a 1.3-km-long piece of the Berlin Wall that serves as a backdrop for an exhibition of street art. The graffiti are guns, an exhibition in the open on a support a little unusual.


One night we went to the Monkey Bar, the place is crazy, it overlooks the Berlin Zoo. A nice terrace, an impressive view and cocktails to die for ... Remember to go early to avoid queuing and be sure to find a place. The perfect place to have a drink and enjoy the sunset.

Klunkerkranich a place of madness unearthed by my lover ... For our last night, the place was perfect.

This bar is located on the parking lot on the top floor of a shopping center. We were there on a Sunday night for the sunset it was magical. Run it ... Soon enough not to stand in line. Paid entry.

The visionary club is a cozy place on the edge of the spree, where you can enjoy your time on the terrace. In short, a Berliner atmosphere that I recommend when the weather is nice. And not far from there,

Brigti & Bier a place that is unlike any other. There is a large counter, mismatched chairs and even a carousel. In short a happy mess that is good hang out late afternoon.


Do you read me? Located on the Augustrasse in the Mitte district. A nice bookstore to find nuggets.

Bun Bao Burger a delicious street food address, a first for us and we loved our bun bao these little Asian burgers served in a steamer basket.

House of small wonder perfect for lunch at noon, we queue in this beautiful room with a staircase that turns and full of plants that rise to the ceiling. The dishes are simple and good.

Strandbar a funky tavern at any time of the day. Perfect to sip a small beer in a deckchair facing the river, and in the evening observe graceful couples dancing tango on a sweet evening by the river Spree, it's absolutely magical!

Strandbad-Mitte This is the address bis of the one above. A small restaurant to test. Inside a nice art deco atmosphere and outside a terrace in a cul de sac, here is what seduced us. A very small card but a simple kitchen with fresh produce.


Markthalle Neun Eat on the go in the local / friendly / friendly atmosphere, lots of choices. Stroll, choose and then settle on a table of your choice, we loved this place. Very lively Thursday night apparently.

Le Mauerpark is a park located in the district of Prenzlauerberg in Berlin. Its name means "Wall Park" in German and has its roots in the famous Berlin Wall, a segment of which passed through the center of the park. This is the appointment of all on Sunday, a large flea market is organized. I did not love this place but it's still worth it to spend 1 hour or 2.

Tempelhof it is a former German airport closed since October 30, 2008 and since May 8, 2010, it is converted into a huge park. You can rent bicycles and go for a nice walk directly on the tarmac of this impressive ghost airport. The place is really crazy and huge.

Haus Schwarzenberg this small inner courtyard is the perfect reflection of Berlin. A place in the heart of the new city, completely covered by graffiti. Go get lost and do not hesitate to go upstairs. There is a nice bookstore and an art gallery.


And since we did not have time to test all the addresses I had noted ... I share them with you here:

Haferkater Bowl porridge specialist, delicious and full of good things.

Bullys Bakery a pastry to fall you will only know what to choose.

Hako Ramen to enjoy one of the best ramen of the city.

Factory girl A great brunch in a cozy and trendy place! On the power muesli menu with fresh fruit and so-called banana bread to die for.

Commonground Awesome at all times, delicious brunch and crazy cocktail.

Sixtyseven Vietnamese cuisine The setting is great and sets the tone. Linen hanging from the ceiling, neon lights everywhere reminiscent of Chinatown!

Hallesches Haus nice concept store with restaurant in the background, deco and nice music, I loved to push the doors of this beautiful place :)

Sweethearts Berlin a nice address for a quiet brunch


Le Badeschiff : a pool in the Spree. A freighter of the 1960s transformed into a multiplex of well-being.

Here is a brief overview of our chosen moments in Berlin. I loved this city. Although I did not think so big and I did not have time to enjoy all the addresses I had noted. I'll be back. It's a beautiful city steeped in history, I found the punk atmosphere quite fun and the underground places super nice. We took the time to get lost and it was really nice. The Mitte district is really the one that caught my attention the most. I loved the STANDBAR, really nice day and night and the food court like the MARKTHALLE NEUN and I'm sure there are some everywhere in the city.

In the evening to return I recommend using Uber is ultra simple and economical, especially less bursting than the subway when we walked all day. And if you miss addresses I found this nice blog about the city of Berlin with great addressesStill in Berlin


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