A little swing for baby

A little swing for baby

In early June, it looks like the sun has decided to play with our nerves ... And when in addition, bad weather persists beyond a few days and children can not go running in the garden, it becomes difficult to channel their energy.

The atmosphere quickly becomes electric. The board games very little for our babies. So to take care of babies and young children you can use an indoor swing.

Easy to install on a stair step or on a hook securely attached to the ceiling

These lovely indoor swings for Babies are the "Must Have" right now! Children like to be carried and cradled in the arms or cradle. This swinging movement calms children and creates their sense of security. You will be able to go about your business while Baby is swinging. It is necessary to have the right fastening system strong enough to support at least twice the weight of the heavier (yes yes they will manage to climb two on the swing a place even if they are forbidden!). You can install it on a beam or a stair step. You can bring it outside as soon as the weather will lend. Outside you will choose the corner of a pergola or directly a tree branch.

Declined with a folder in macrame or not available here. Your child will love to be swinging and discovering the world from a different angle from his swing seat.

The April Eleven marcramé model is available with a gingham navy blue fabric that will appeal to both girls and boys.

These models with macrame back are unique pieces created in collaboration with Julie Eye See. The swings provide a lot of fun and well being to our Little Tips!

Posted on 06/07/2018 Shopping 1842