Préparer sa valise pour la maternité

Préparer sa valise pour la maternité

Inspired by my many pregnant friends and because for me it was not so long ago ... (1 year ago!) I wanted to debrief a little on the preparation of this famous suitcase for motherhood.

Have we forgotten anything? Should we take everything we are told on the maternity list?

For my part, I like to travel light ... I am showing you here my list of small must-haves to slip in the baby's suitcase, of course this list is not exhaustive and we can easily find things to complete it ...

First of all I was very proud to be able to borrow the wicker suitcase that contained my first business a few years ago ... Thank you mom for being so careful.

In Romie's suitcase, there was:

- 3 light fleece pajamas (size 1 month, birth-size pajamas never used)

- 5 bodysuits (size 1months)

- 2 vests in fine knit (Romie was born in summer)

- 1 pair of socks

- 1 hat in fine jersey

- 1 bathrobe

- 1 small care kit with brush and thermometer

- 1 lange

- 1 pacifier clip and 1 pacifier

- 1 sleeping bag

- 1 bib

- 1 baby soap

And that's about all :) I warned you I do not like being charged ... For the day of his birth, I had prepared for his daddy a little bag besides containing the outfit of his birth.

Pajamas, a bodie, a vest, a hat and a pair of socks. Sincerely I do not know if Romie was particularly clean ... but we stayed barely 3 days and she did not miss anything. In this article, I share with you the cute little things I found for the first days of Romie. Here are the suitcases that I could have chosen to bring the baby business Romie to the maternity:

A Sunflower Number 74 fabric suitcase.

Photo Audrey Fitzjohn

Wicker basket tréssé from Bymimosette

For care, here are the articles we brought:

A brush from Barnabé loves soft coffee made of wood.

The milk printed lange for sale at April Eleven. Great and all sweet perfect for swaddled baby in it.

The delicate shower gel from Minois, I am addicted to perfume. (orange blossom and honey)

Sleeping bag Little Cabari, the size is perfect and the prints still too cannons.

For the clothes I found pretty Petit Bateau bodysuits for Romie, the ones we meet in front of. Really easier for newborns, than bodies at the bottom.

Finally for clothes it's quite personal so I let you follow your desires.

For moms, if you have tips and things that you had brought with you that you think are essential do not hesitate to let us know in comment.
Posted on 07/24/2018 Shopping 1394