POW WOW KIDS Children's shop in Bordeaux

POW WOW KIDS Children's shop in Bordeaux

I met Sarah at Maison & Objet in Paris last September and decided to work together. And I'm more than happy to be among Sarah's selected products. A brand new boutique in the center of Bordeaux located 14 rue des Piliers de Tutelle.

The universe is well marked and the selection of items is very well chosen for babies and young children. Sarah kindly lent herself to the game of questions to explain a little more her shop ... good reading to all.

# How did you choose the (Indian) theme of your shop? How long has she been open?

The name of the store comes from the Native American culture for which a Pow Wow is a great festive gathering around music, a privileged moment of exchange with family and friends. As the store is dedicated to the world of babies and young children I found this term quite suitable, on the one hand, by what he describes what we saw during a happy event like a birth. On the other hand, because Native American culture is, in a general way, inspiring and synonymous for children of play and adventure!

All the layout of the store has been designed around this theme, customers are pleasantly surprised by discovering the tipi-shaped reception desk or the arrows planted in the display cabinet products.

The product range is also inspired by the Indian world and its relationship with nature by offering Indian headdresses, teepees, furniture and wooden toys, animal trophies, or a collection. of stickers on the theme of the forest ...

# How do you find the pretty things that are in your shop? on shows like Playtime or Maison et Objet? on Instagram? on the recommendation of your customers?

I do not have specific specifications, which is the quality of the products after, I walk at the stroke of heart. The goal is to offer authentic and poetic products that will make the children's room a unique and fun place to live to fully develop their imagination.

The store gives pride of place to French brands such as with Minimel, Scalae, Mimi'Lou, Petit Picotin or Plumette for decoration. The Mum and Dad Factory brand for small furniture or Organic Powder for baby fashion.

The selected products are made with natural materials and quality, where clean lines and pastel shades predominate to make this offer timeless and complementary, can be combined without difficulty with other styles of decoration.

# Your selection for a boy's birth gift? (3 products)

My selection reflects the richness of the offer that can be found by coming to the store to know a selection of products to decorate the room of his child, to dress or wake up:

  • An organic cotton blouse of the French brand Poudre Organic
  • A cuddly toy from the Danish brand Fabelab with its body in 100% organic cotton.
  • A decorative mobile, whale mum and baby, French brand Scalaë

# The opening of your eshop is planned for when? We will find only the products of the shop?

The creation of the e-commerce site was not planned for the first year but to the extent that it seems expected by the customers as well by the residents as by the tourists, I decided to quickly develop this channel of complementary sale. It should be launched next November and offer all products already available in stores.

# Give us 3 kid friendly addresses in Bordeaux (restaurant / park / exhibition / walk etc ...)

Mom of a little girl of 20 months I go very regularly to the park Bordelais enjoy the tunes of games, animals and his little train. In summer, I favor the floral park which is the ideal place when looking for a little freshness. You can walk along the stream and the children are happy to swim there.

To taste it is the tea room "The Buro of Possibles" in the Saint-Michel district where in addition to the delicious pastries offered, there is a space "Boutiques Ephemeral & creative workshops" every first Saturday of each month.



14 rue des Piliers de Tutelle

33000 Bordeaux

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 19:00

More information on the facebook page


Website under construction:


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