A gift for less than 30 euros

A gift for less than 30 euros

And go again a baby ... I feel lost and without any new idea to spoil this new baby. I have selected for you some products less than 40 euros.

Original ideas, to offer to the baby, clothes, childcare articles, decoration ... Full of beautiful ideas, to simplify the task. We start here with our birth box. It is composed of 4 products. A XXL lange, you will have the choice between two prints. For baby's comfort, there is a wooden teether or a rattle to choose from. It is made of untreated beech, perfect for chewing.

Then to decorate your room, there is a mirror bear or rabbit to choose from. And to finish the practical side, a pacifier clip (5 colors to choose from).

Birth kit 39euros availliable here

Avalliable here for 25euros

Poster 20 euros here

Knit slipper here 30euros

Plush Main Sauvage 33euros here

Wodden mobile bird 35euros April Eleven

Pyjama brioche Coeur de Beurre made in France 30 euros

Mobile musical Liewood sold here Plumeti 35euros

Posted on 11/16/2018 Shopping 1380