Sparkling pompon - shop in Lyon

Sparkling pompon - shop in Lyon

The universe of the sweet Marine is in his image. Delicate, sparkling and glittery! I am admiring of this little woman who has created a brand, make it last and now open a shop. Sparkling pompom is an airy universe, inflated and soft, like a "too full" of sweetness. This French brand is dedicated to the world of childhood and founded in Paris in 2009, now based in Lyon. Since November 2017, you can discover the universe in the first small Pompon Pétillant boutique-workshop. The store is located in the heart of Lyon, rue Auguste Comte, at number 60. All the pieces proposed by the brand are original creations, designed and made in France with fabrics made in France.

In this shop, there are of course sparkling Pompon products. Unique pieces but also the iconic rabbits and all these models that we no longer present.

You can see through the black canopy, Marine's workshop. Pompon Pétillant creations are handcrafted by the designer in the back shop. Do not hesitate to push the door to see her at work. :)

During an exchange at the Playtime show, Marine offered to sell my products in her shop ... I am so happy to be present in this mini shop so delicate. But also to be present on Lyon, because for the moment we have no dealer in this city.

Find our mirrors ball, kite, circus and rabbit in the shop.

The product range of the brand is essentially of nursery decoration. A great idea also for a birth gift. Between the cushions and the music boxes, you will inevitably find an article that will make you sparkle your eyes. I hope I have made you discover this French brand that I particularly like.

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60 Rue Auguste Comte
69002 Lyon
Opening : 11h00 12h45 | 13h45 19h00
du mardi au samedi
Instagram : @pomponpetillant
Facebook : Pompon Pétillant

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