Terracotta already in, in 2019

Terracotta already in, in 2019

This color that we see everywhere for two years already and that intoxicates us ... We do not get tired, it is always very trendy. Warm and reassuring,

it's terracotta we want to talk about. Many know this color in makeup.

But we are good decor that we will talk about. This shade has the gift of warming whatever the application and use of it. Here it is the couple Heju who had the idea to repaint this large terracotta storage block. This colorful block immediately gives a personality to this small room. An intensity well put forward.

Watch as this color warms the room. All the walls are gray, but nothing seems dark in the room. The beautiful terracotta linen sofa gives the tempo to this very ethnic decoration.

In "la cerise sur le gâteau", it is used in bed linen. And it must be said that it gives a great desire this color in bed linen. Imagine a beautiful room with this finery.

The terracotta is definitely a beautiful place. Here we have not hesitated to force on the color, it's so beautiful

Posted on 04/29/2019 Inspiration 2700