Tendances décoration chambre bébé 2019

Tendances décoration chambre bébé 2019

2019 baby room decoration trends

In terms of decoration, everything is a question of trend, nuance and taste. And when it comes to baby room decoration, we must add the affect associated with it. Indeed, this room in the house must have a special atmosphere, be a place where you feel good and where you feel that Baby can flourish, day after day. Indeed, it will be his main place of life for several months. But whether you're a young parent or a seasoned parent, getting your baby's room up and running can quickly become a real headache. Here are some decor trends that will help you to arrange your little one's room nicely.

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Opt for a vintage baby room

In 2019, vintage is trendy (or rather trendy!). Both in the living rooms of the house and in the baby room. In terms of furniture, for example, caning is making a comeback. This technique of artisanal weaving makes it possible to manufacture beautifully made furniture: armchairs, rattan cradles or dressers with braided drawers ... Select the furniture of your choice and arrange them with taste to organize a beautiful baby room decoration!



If you are green at heart (or simply environmentally conscious), opt for natural fiber furniture such as bamboo, wicker or wood. To accentuate the cocoon side of the room, dress furniture and windows with velvet. This material, prized in the 70s, is reviving ... but remains resolutely vintage. The velvet will elegantly cover the throws, cushions and accessories that will adorn the baby's room. Do not overdo it and avoid overloading the room, to keep the cozy and cozy side of the room.


Baby room decoration: the trend shadow white

Let's not forget that the adage says: "the tastes and the colors ..., that is not discussed! ". However, the light colors are The trend color 2019. For the baby's room, opt for a shaded white (shadow white) that you marry with more pronounced colors such as forest green, duck green or coral (Pantone color of the year 2019). To ensure an ideal color wedding, you can paint a wall of color and complement with a shadow white. The main purpose of white is to soften Baby's bedroom, while the color and white combination emphasizes the brightness of the room.

Other trend 2019 baby room decoration: favor the association of white with wooden furniture. The shadow white highlights the furniture, whose color stands out, on its clear backgrounds. If you are good with your hands, you can make macrame suspensions (to be installed over baby's cradle and decorated walls), to add cachet to your baby's room. Remember to keep the tones, to marry the forms and the colors to aim at the decorative efficiency.

By following these tips, you can easily install a vintage 2019 trendy room for your baby, while waiting patiently for his arrival! The one that inspires me indefinitely is Chrsitine. Follow his instagram:

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