Cocoeko, the reference in birth gifts

Cocoeko, the reference in birth gifts

Amandine is at the origin of this great online store. As its name indicates here everything is rigorously selected to stick to the values ​​of Cocoeko. There are only French-made objects. And recently, Cocoeko is a full-fledged brand with its collections and its own collab ...

I still remember when Amandine asked me to sew exclusive swings for her brand. A real pleasure to create small series.

# Introduce us the shop. Since when is it open?

Since 2014, Cocoeko has been creating baby linen collections and offers a selection of baby products from 0 to 3 years old.

Inspired by the family, Cocoeko offers pretty collections of bed linen, bath cape, high chair cushion ...; all
the essentials of the birthchain to offer or to offer. The brand is born of a responsible approach, makes the choice of Oeko-Tex certified materials and manufactures all its products in France in workshops labeled France Terre Textile.

Since its creation, Cocoeko has also selected designer products that have also chosen a French manufacture.

# What are the brands found at home?

Cocoeko offers a selection of designers in the world of decoration to allow each parent to create a real cocoon and a reassuring environment for the newborn.

We find the Villa Pauline brand and its creator Servane who creates sublime cushions in double cotton gauze embroidered by hand with gold thread, A Star in my cabin and its creator Cécilia who awakens our babies with customizable fabric musical mobiles , Pom le Bonhomme and his creator Roxane who creates a deco universe in the room with its repositionable stickers, Delphine Plisson and her designer Delphine who offers handmade gilded brass decorations, and finally April Eleven, with its beautiful wooden creations .

The brand Cocoeko is dedicated to the linen of birth, of the sleeping bag to the cushion of high chair passing by the bathing cape.

# How is the selection of objects present in the shop? You attend salons (house & object, playtime, kids etc)?

Cocoeko manufactures all its products in France, and selects creators who also make the choice of a French manufacture. This is the first selection criterion to be on the Cocoeko website. To discover new brands, yes we go to shows like House & Object, Playtime, Kids etc, and also to pop-up store kids like The Reunion x Babyccino kids. It is always very interesting and inspiring to meet young designers.

The creators can also write us if they want to propose our products on the site! Link here

# A little boy's shopping room? (about 5/8 products)

  • 1- a small kitten mirror April Eleven

  • 2- a playful calendar to hang on the wall of Bonjour editions

  • 3- a personalized book in my Carriole

  • 4- A musical mobile in the shape of a moon An Etoile in my cabin

  • 5- Cocoeko cotton double cotton gauze sleeping bag

  • 6- Coconut double mustard cotton gauze

# Tell us about this beautiful range in black and white gingham. What are the products that compose it? 

In spring summer 2019, the Vichy motif is back in force! We wanted to propose a collection around this trendy retro motif, with baby's essentials: the sleeping bag available in 2 sizes (0-6 months and 6-24months), the bathing cap, the health book cover, the carpet awakening, the nomadic changing rug, the polar plaid blanket, the high chair cushion.

It is quite natural that a collab APRIL ELEVEN x COCOEKO decided around this Vichy Oeko-Tex Cocoeko certified. We wanted to highlight the flagship product of April Eleven, the indoor swing, ideal for the awakening of baby and room decoration in tune with the times. Find our swing on our two respective sites.

Here is the page of the black and white gingham swing, and you can also find our timeless navy and white gingham.

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