Comment fixer une balançoire bébé d'intérieur ?

Comment fixer une balançoire bébé d'intérieur ?

These pretty baby cloth swings that we see everywhere on pinterest, gives us all, want to have one at home. Yes, but here again it is necessary to be able to install it at home. Here are some solutions to install at home an indoor swing for baby. Install your swing in the garden Originally, we imagined this fabric swing for outdoor use. For nomadic parents, it's a beautiful idea that takes up little space and that you can bring to the park or settle in your garden. Children and especially toddlers love this movement of pendulum. The slow come and go soothes them.

Photo Claire Saucaz

The APRIL ELEVEN fabric indoor swing is ideal for developing baby's motor functions. Swaying has never been so much fun! It fits perfectly in the children's room and all interiors. Hang on the beams To install your indoor swing in the house nothing more simple when you have wooden or metal beam. Simply wrap the rope around the beam to take full advantage of it. Finally it's as easy as an outdoor installation. For more safety it is recommended to extend the strings so that the seat of the swing is about 30cm from the ground. For that you will need to extend the strings, either by an extension sold on our site by clicking on the link of additional extensions. Either with a metal chain or any other rope that you will find in a DIY store or even in the back of your garden.

To be installed everywhere ... In the hallway to put on your shoes, in the living room as 3rd armchair, in your children's room or in your room for a moment of fullness ... If you are lucky enough to have a wooden or metal beam in your house, the solution will be found. Suspended from a metal bar, the swing will be a nice playground for your child. Do not hesitate to let him ask you to use it, never force him to feel like it and the need to use it must come from himself.

Your baby will be happiest in his swing seat. Children are taken under the armpits so no risk for them that they fall from their fabric swing. We recommend the use of this swing Swing made by hand, sewn with two layers of cotton fabric. This object is made of natural wood very well worked and without any chemical or varnish. Our ropes are very strong and can be lengthened as needed. Our swings are suitable for children up to 20 KG

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