Installer une boite à musique ou une applique chez soi

Installer une boite à musique ou une applique chez soi

Many of you ask me for advice to install your music box or wall light.

It's super simple and it allows to fix your wall sconces and music boxes in a secure way.

Choose your wall

For begin, you have to know the nature of your wall. (Plasterboard, plaster, breeze block, solid wall ...) You will have to choose an ankle to fit this wall. The salespeople at the DIY store will help you make that choice. Once the location is defined you can execute the drilling and place the dowel into the wall. Then fix a screw. THE MOST IMPORTANT is to aim the screw almost to the end. Indeed the screw must barely exceed so that your support slips on the screw and lever on the wall. Here are some pictures to illustrate you.

You can see that the music box is well placed on the wall, it is impossible for a child to pick it up. So fix the product can not turn on itself, it is correctly installed.

Fix our lamps

For luminous wall sconces, we advise you to choose the location. Our cords measure 1.50cm. Do not fix a wooden wall lamp within 2m of a water area (tap, bath, shower etc ...)

Be careful with the bulbs you use. We recommend a low energy bulb, with an E14 socket. To ensure maximum safety, never leave a wall light on all night or all day. Abnormally prolonged use may impair proper use.

Our luminous wall lights diffuse a beautiful soft and clear light to soothe your children in their room. You can install our lamps near your child's desk when they are taller. Light will help to focus on class assignments.

April Eleven mirror installation

The fixing system is the same on most of our mirrors. An ergonomic slot allows their installation easily and quickly. Just a screw in the wall so that your wooden mirror is fixed flat on the wall. In this way only an adult can pick up the mirror from the wall.

If your mirror is well fixed it will be perfectly flat on the wall. You can of course installed your wooden mirrors in a bathroom. Remember that our oak veneer is not treated, not varnished, so they are allergic to water :)

Posted on 08/28/2019 Inspiration 1922