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4 jours en Sicile

4 jours en Sicile

After our wedding, we flew for 4 days to Sicily. Departure from Bordeaux for Catania to the east of Sicily, 2h30 flight is necessary to reach this Italian island.


To begin our Sicilian stay, we chose to take the road from our arrival to Syracuse. It takes about 1 hour to reach Syracuse, south of Catania. As Henri Salvatoren sang, I would like to see Syracuse ... or rather for myself ...

The island of Ortygia.  This small island on which lies the historic center of Syracuse.

The essentials of Ortigia:

- Park at Molo S. Antonio Parcheggio car park, 2min walk from the island.

- the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, one of the oldest Greek temples in Sicily. You still need a dose of imagination to get an idea of ​​what it used to look like.

- the weekly Via Trento market, smells and colors are magical.

- Fontaina di Diana - The Plaza duomo (the equivalent of the Plaza Major in Spain, there is one in each city)

- Aretusa Fonte (Ancient historical fountain near the ocean with many papyrus and waterfowl) It is quick turn around 1/2 day is enough to visit the island of Ortygia.

- the Roman Amphitheater of Syracuse, not to miss. 10euros the entry + 5euros the audioguide, we took this option that I do not advise. The discourt is soporific and uninteresting. It takes a good hour to go around, the ride is nice and the theater is beautiful.

APERITIVO: Mokrito 10euros 1 glass of Spritz or wine + 2 very large tray to share. (Desserts are paying)



Head south towards the Plemmirio Nature Reserve. A nature reserve known for the seabed.

We walked to the lighthouse, and watched the sea on the steep coast. We got lost in the surrounding neighborhoods and wanted to have a coffee at cala Zaffiro.

We were surprised to see that the bar was closed ... But the sublime cove was for us alone.

We took a swim in the crystal clear, warm water of the Zaffiro Cove. Then direction Noto, a cute little town.

- Access is by Porta Reale. It opens onto a large pedestrian street.

- Piazza Municipio, the heart of the city, where several monuments of Baroque art coexist.

Beautiful church and cathedral, the town hall and pretty facades.

For lunch we moved away from this main artery to lose us in the streets in search of fresh pasta. The small shop / restaurant Pasta Fresca da Sabrina, we tried well. Behind the counter a shy girl who does not speak English presents her card.

A few minutes later, we had our fresh and delicious pasta dishes under the eyes. 6euros the portion of pasta we feasted. And for dessert, stop at the café sicillia, an institution here, for a chocolate cannoli in the sun.

In the afternoon, we went down to the Cassibile reserve. A kind of canyon accessible on foot, count about 40 min of endless descent. But the panorama is worth it, arrived down, waterfall and bathing in the fresh water of the mountain. If you go for a 4-day stay in Sicily you will have plenty of time to go for a ride in the mountains. To finish in style, we arrived on Taormina at the end of the day. We stayed at Giardini Naxos a seaside town at the foot of Syracuse.

Few charming, oceanfront buildings but only 9 minutes from Taormina. The first night we nibbled bruchettas (eggplant gorgonzola and pistachio cream) in Arco Rosso. And we tasted the local specialty: The brioche con il gelato. These sweet and light Sicilian brioches are really an institution and above all they are delicious especially garnished with ice cream. They are usually scented with citrus fruits.


Taormina the great, we reached the city by the puerta catania and we wandered in this great street lined with church and pretty square. From the place of 9 Aprill, we have a great view of the sea and the etna. It's magical and beautiful, and it's by far my favorite. If you continue in the street, you can access the Roman theater. That of Syracuse is magnificent, but the Roman theater of Taormina is ten times more. A prime location for this majestic theater. We can imagine the representations here, facing Mount Etna and the ocean. The entrance fee is 10euros. For lunch we went to the Osteria da Rita a beautiful place that I recommend ...

The pasta dishes are huge, men are serving and women in the kitchen. There is sometimes a little wait but you will not be disappointed. In the afternoon we went down to the beach Isola Bella ...

A jewel at the foot of this pretty town of Taormina. A nap in the sun, a little snorkeling to see the fish and a lemon granite on the beach. A very nice program for this late afternoon. At the end of the day, we went up to Castelmola. Splendid village perched above Taormina. Magnificent panorama between the Ionian Sea, Etna, hills and valleys. The village is within walking distance from Taormina (700 steps). We drank an aperol spritz, on the terrace of the Bar Turrisi known for its deco oil ole ...

The evening ended in Taormina, to enjoy one of the best pizzas of the city at Villa Zuccaro.

A pretty hidden address in one of the small streets of the city, with a large terrace very pleasant.

DAY 4 :

To finish our 4 days stay in Sicily, we went for a boat ride from the beach of Giardini Naxos. On board a small boat, we were 5 adults and the sun was there too.

The captain a grandfather and his grandson made us discover Taormina from the sea. We were able to approach the cave of lovers, the blue cave and see that in these places difficult to access, the coral is rich in color. We also had a swim break, to dive into these turquoise waters and to enjoy the moment.

A very nice walk to do with children, it lasts only 2 hours and we see lots of nice things and especially a lot of fish. 25euros per person

For the second part of the day we are betting towards Catania.

A big city, direction the Duomo square to observe the statue of the black elephant and the majestic Cathedral Saint Agatha. Not far from there is the fish market street with umbrellas of all colors.

We had not yet tasted the local Arancini specialty. They are rice balls, breaded and fried, stuffed with various ingredients, such as ragù in Sicilian, spinach or ham. To taste the best arancinis of the island, go to Pasticeria Spinella.

To get there we took the main street Rua Etna.

Once our arancinis in hand, we crossed the street to eat in the park of the Villa Bellini. Binsur we will finish this picnic with a pistachio cannoli ...

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