How to choose a rug for a girl's bedroom?

How to choose a rug for a girl's bedroom?

In Romie's room, I chose a white floor. So to warm the room I wanted to add a floor mat to break the white on white wall / floor.

Before choosing any type of carpet, there are 3 essential basic criteria to respect.

These 3 criteria are:

  • the size
  • the colour
  • the quality

Of course, it is also very important to take into account the tastes of our child ...

1) The size of the carpet:

Go to your daughter's room, choose carefully where you would like to put the carpet, and after with a master, noted approximately the measures that would suit you the better! The dimensions of a carpet may vary depending on the model. But if a room carpet girl atypical design you like a lot to you and your child, but that there is not the size that you were treading, so choose it anyway and take the proposed dimension that will come closest to the one you measured. It is more important to feel good with a rug that is not the right size, rather than with a good size carpet, but ugly ...

2) The color of the carpet

We arrive at an interesting part, the choice of colors ... To choose the right color for the room, you'll have to take inspiration from the furniture on the walls and the ground around the location you chose. It will also take into account an important element, which is ... The favorite colors of your daughter. Generally, very young girls (4 to 7 years) love flashy colors such as pink or turquoise, it will be up to you to judge with what she likes to find the ideal carpet This is how you will be able to choose the most suitable color for your environment. Example: if your daughter's room is neutral and sober, you can add a touch of subtle color, such as light pink or a light shade of blue, to give the piece a visual appeal and character.


If the room and already very colorful, a very colorful carpet where neutral will not make any difference, to you to choose what you like the most.

3) The carpet design:

The strongest and most durable carpets in time are those made with polyester! Polyester which is a fiber of synthetic polymers of polyethylene type, which is in addition simple ... a very strong plastic fiber. This type of carpet and very easy to clean. You will be able to start any task, with sparkling water and baking soda. You can even add a little vinegar to disinfect and eliminate any risk of bacteria  

To conclude : First of all, when we search for carpets we must keep in mind the different criteria of selection we have seen previously, as well as the likes of our daughter. You can also look for fancy carpets such as Unicorn carpets or rugs princess ... everything will depend on what your daughter likes. You will be able to find all types of carpets corresponding to its characteristics on a site specialized...

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