Baby room decor trend 2020

Baby room decor trend 2020

Baby room decor trend 2020

The nursery will be her very first home. Take all the time necessary to create a comfortable and reassuring space. To help you choose the 2020 decor trend that suits you, we offer some decoration ideas…

A soft and soothing baby room

Do you want a peaceful baby room for the well-being of your child? In this case, go for pastel colors. These soft colors will prove perfect for rest. Caramel, beige and natural tones are still a strong trend in 2020. There is however one color that stands out this year and which gives a revival compared to last year, it is the classic blue. This electric blue that we know and which reassures. The very famous Pantone started the trend with this clear blue. It is also supposed to bring a feeling of peace and serenity to our mind, like a refuge, describes the American company. Ideal for baby rooms therefore.

A starry and dreamlike children's room Because early childhood is first and foremost the universe of dreams and imagination, here is a new 2020 trend: the lunar universe. It completely echoes the color of the year. Lunar pictures, mobile star and moon and walls in the colors of the night… Everything is good for taking your child to the land of dreams. You can already try to reproduce the constellations on the ceiling of the nursery. You will have the pleasure of teaching him the name of each of them to help him fall asleep. For more fantasy, you can also add a light garland in its canopy or suspend a lunar mobile above its bed.

The brand the factory of the moon proposes tables on the phases of the moon, the day of the birth for example. Nobodinoz has been tackling this theme for a few seasons already. Green touch You can also add some plants to clean the air while enriching the room with a few touches of green. Finally, for more comfort, it is better to avoid disorder! Choose a minimalist style with furniture with a sleek design. Of course your child's room should look like a cozy cocoon for your baby. But this year we think of the bedroom over the long term and we don't really mark the baby universe. You can even use the living room furniture to decorate the baby's room. Bring large green plants to freshen the air and bring color. Aloe vera can be used to combat electromagnetic waves from computers and televisions. But it is also useful against mites, which is why it is ideal in the bedroom. Jasmine is a real natural sleeping pill, it improves the quality of sleep, decreases anxiety and improves mood upon waking. The smell of jasmine would help you get a better night's sleep.

The vintage atmosphere: always in fashion! Already mentioned in our trendy decoration article for 2019, the vintage style remains resolutely timeless. This style offers a lot of charm and a real personality for the baby room. To get it, you can start by installing rattan furniture, a wicker basket and some retro accessories. A wooden brush and a raffia or seagrass rug will prove perfect for decorating the room. In general, favor a natural material and a cozy side for this type of atmosphere. Be careful not to overload the decoration!

Wood ever more present Wooden accessories and toys have of course followed this natural trend for babies. You have largely realized that the area of ​​overconsumption is over. And when it comes to our babies, we really want the best. For them, we want quality and sustainable products. This is how wooden toys and accessories have become a must.

Shopping wooden toys/accessories :

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Brosse bois personnalisée - April Eleven

Hochet bois - Tinyfoxhole

Arc en ciel bois - Thispaperbook

Jeux bricoleur bois - Tasdevri

Bibérion bois - Thispaperbook

Which 2020 baby bedroom decor trend will you choose? It's up to you to create the ideal universe for your child!

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