An adventurer's decor for children

An adventurer's decor for children

What trending tricks for our children's bedroom?

Don't worry, we're not going to tell you about a total Indiana Jones look for your child's bedroom. Nature-inspired children's rooms are all the rage right now. Have you ever heard of the theme inspired by the safari? Prepare to be obsessed with this theme that mixes animal and adventure. Do not forget that your child's bedroom will quickly change, yes! your sweet baby will grow quickly. The bed is the centerpiece of its cocoon since this is where it will rest. You will never skimp on the quality of the bedding for his room. It is a budget but it is also to guarantee him great comfort and quality of sleep. In order not to stray from the theme of this article "an adventurer's decor for the children's room", we offer several decoration for baby's room to big child.

The walls of the room: If you want to succeed in the jungle decor of your child's bedroom, you will have to opt for a colored wall. Here we have selected several modern jungle tapestry prints. But we can very well paint a wall of green or dark blue color to be in the mood. The bedroom walls will set the tone and the overall atmosphere you are looking for. Do not fall into the stereotype of "too much" with ubiquitous wallpaper on all the walls, just one piece of wall and the jungle effect will be guaranteed! For your baby's bedroom, wallpaper is THE good idea. If you choose it well it can last a long time and you will not get tired of it.

Here are some examples of safari themed baby rooms, mainly Australian mom decor. Do not forget to invest in large animal stuffed animals the children love and your theme will be even more marked.

A green pine tree to remind the atmosphere of the jungle

To enter this universe I think that the most appropriate color is pine green. It evokes nature and more precisely the jungle. Do not hesitate to paint a wall of this color or install a wall of wallpaper that incorporates this color green pine.

At Little Hands, we offer wallpapers, each one more beautiful than the other. Tapestry is trendy again then go for it! Especially in children's rooms, it allows you to create a well-marked universe.

She has the gift of transforming the atmosphere of a child's room with a stroke of the glue brush. It tells stories, stimulates the imagination and brings magic to the world of little ones. Marta Belo and Leonor Fejó, the founders of the Portuguese brand Little Hands, understood this. Both illustrators, they imagine beautiful wallpapers like paintings whose drawings take children on wonderful adventures.

A real hit in the world of paper for the little ones.

A suitable play area

Their bedroom is also their play area, especially when your living room does not accommodate its playroom. You really have to take this into account, the space for their playing time is essential! Without beating around the bush, take a look at our selection of children's beds below! To strengthen the jungle side, you can in addition to a wall of wallpaper create a cabin for his bed. The hanging bed is an architect's idea, which considerably enlarges the play area of ​​your child's bedroom. Here we installed a wooden frame and a "wall" in rope to ensure the safety of the child. A small wooden ladder for the adventurer side and voila. On the lower part, the play area! Here there is a reading corner and a game corner. In this room we are still quite attracted by the play of led light in the canopy and underbody.

The choice of bed:

The jungle decoration is also found in the furniture. Do not neglect the main element of the baby's room, namely the bed! Choose a rattan or wooden bed, light, dark or painted white, everything is allowed. For a cocooning jungle effect, add a colorful canopy just above the crib! An ultra trendy decor tip that will bring a little color to your jungle decor. The cabin bed, we have known for several seasons and for my part we are a bit fed up. But I admit that this one is awfully beautiful. And makes you want to take refuge there for a nap as for an afternoon hide and seek. What I particularly like in this room is the green plant in the background. We know the benefits of our green plants in the house so why are you hesitating for your little one's bedroom?

Indiana Jones cabin bed

Here is another example of a little more "classic" cabin bed but we find the wallpaper and the plants. By adding a piece of fabric, with windows, we modernize this Montessori bed model well.

Here the decorator has laid a single sheet of paper and it is really beautiful. The large vintage trunk that acts as a bedside table is superb too. It is true that mottled objects and rattan furniture are really perfect for this theme. And like me you must have noticed the big green leaf cushion. Whatever the fabric, carpet, sheets or curtain always warms the atmosphere.

This cabin bed is available on Etsy in the KMdesigns shop.

For the giant leaf-shaped rug you can find it at Nofred Wild animal trophies or large stuffed animals for decoration And finally to accentuate the jungle effect of the nursery, do not forget to install large stuffed animals or animal trophies. Animals are the key point of this decoration, they must necessarily be present in one way or another. Children and babies love soft, silky plush toys. Large animals like giraffes and elephants fascinate them. The larger your animals, the more successful the decor. To limit spending on these beautiful pieces, do not hesitate to integrate them into your baby's birth list.

I try to imagine for whom the surprise will be the greatest when the package is opened. Again I would like to recommend that you do not overdo it is a theme in which you can quickly get lost, so select as many beautiful pieces as possible. A successful decoration is a thoughtful decoration.

The stuffed animal offers beautiful plush if you are looking for one.

Thanks to our decorating tips, the room is soon ready to welcome your baby! Find out now how to choose the right changing table!

Posted on 03/18/2020 Inspiration 2253