Arranging your baby's room: what to buy

Arranging your baby's room: what to buy

What are the elements to have to properly arrange the room of his baby?

Setting up a toddler's bedroom properly isn't as easy as it sounds. It can even quickly become a real headache for some parents. Most of them get lost in particular when choosing the elements to integrate. And it must be said that the plurality of items offered on the market does not at all simplify their task. However, it is crucial to install the essential accessories in the room to ensure baby's comfort. To better enlighten parents in this quest, here is a non-exhaustive list of items to consider.

A place where baby can sleep peacefully and comfortably

Like the parents' bedroom, the baby room must also contain a bed where the little one can sleep and take a nap comfortably and peacefully on a daily basis. Mom and Dad usually have the choice between a cradle and a crib. In fact, the first option is ideal during the baby's first three months. This is a cute accessory, sure, but it won't be useful until shortly after the birth of Louie. With that, it is better to immediately invest in a crib, just to save money. A model made of solid wood and covered in water-based paint, whether scalable or simple, will do just fine. But a simple mattress placed on the floor can also be a good idea, especially for followers of the Montessori method. Some mothers even prefer a bed for co-sleeping or even a simple bassinet for the first few weeks.

A place to change your baby

It is important to note that the toddler's cot must of course be accompanied by bed linen adapted to his size. The use of sleeping bags is also recommended. In addition to this, we will also need a place to change the toddler in the nursery. A changing table will do the trick, especially if there is no space in the bathroom. It will allow you to change the baby safely, while avoiding breaking your back. It is also possible to opt for a dresser with a removable changing table or a wall changing table depending on the space available in the room.

Storage for clothes

In addition to the bed and the changing table, the little one has the same right to its own dressing room to complete the baby room decor. And in this context, it should never be forgotten that he will renew his wardrobe at least five times in the first year. It will then be necessary to provide plenty of storage that is both practical and accessible. It is also recommended to put a toy box or a basket in the room, even if the toddler is not yet playing at the dinette or the little train, for example. It will be used to store your cuddly toys and early learning games so that they do not scatter on the floor. A night light, soft toys and a mobile for awakening are all essential accessories to install in your loulou's room.

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