Baby's room: arrange it with healthy materials

Baby's room: arrange it with healthy materials

Baby's room: arrange it with healthy materials

Your baby is coming soon and you want to prepare his room. To ensure comfort and safety, it is better to opt for an ecological room. This, without neglecting the aesthetic side, of course! Either way, your baby will need a healthy, toxic-free room much more than you do. Here, then, the key elements for a suitable arrangement of your baby's room. Enough to allow you to create a universe that is both pleasant and reassuring!

Shout haro at chemicals or pollutants

As part of a baby's room arrangement, it is always ideal to bet on healthy products. Opt for example for paints made from natural pigments such as fibers or plants. Linseed oil, lime, and clay are also great choices. Such paints are also just as effective as industrial ones. In addition, they come in countless ranges of colors, but also in different textures. If, on the other hand, you have a particular penchant for vinyl or wallpaper, know that more and more current brands are offering models perfectly suited to your little one's room. There is obviously another alternative which is to make your own painting, so do not hesitate to research this topic.

As for the choice of bed, melamine is to be excluded and instead prefer wood models from sustainably managed forests. Then choose a natural latex mattress as your bedding piece. Note that it is smart to always use organic materials, even for curtains and bed linens. As much as possible, avoid piling up objects that can accumulate dust and thus promote allergies.

Opt for upgradeable or second-hand furniture

By thinking about ecology, you help reduce the impact on the environment. Several solutions exist for this. Reuse, among other things, the furniture of your baby's elders or find some at flea markets and on second-hand sites online. Of course, nothing prevents you from preferring new things, but choose modular furniture, so that they can grow with your little one.

An upgradeable cradle with a natural latex mattress can thus become a single bed. What will accompany your child perfectly during the first years of his life. A piece of furniture with a changing table can also quickly turn into a single bed, with a small desk. Such upgradeable furniture therefore undoubtedly has a low impact on the environment, given that you will have to replace it much less regularly. Enough to allow you to make considerable savings!

Select natural materials for bedding

A solid wood bed, for example, is a model designed from a material that is both noble and respectful of nature. However, the wood must be varnished or painted, to ensure its protection. So make sure that it is free of chemical components. You may not have thought about it at all, but cardboard is a great natural material. Which is therefore also ideal for setting up the nursery. Lightweight, robust, trendy and economical, this material is much easier to handle than solid wood. Which is a great solution if you care about the well-being of your child, without requiring a colossal investment. A perfect idea for families with a little bit of ecology!

Couette bébé en mousseline de coton bio Garbo & Friends, motif Mimosa

Par ailleurs, investir dans du coton biologique pour les linges de votre tout-petit (y compris son doudou) est non moins intéressant. Après tout, il dort pratiquement tout le temps, dans sa première année. Et quand il se réveille, il peut parfois rester dans son lit. Cette option lui évitera alors d’être en contact avec des produits éventuellement nocifs. En ce qui concerne la pièce de literie, privilégiez un matelas latex naturel. Cela réduira notamment les risques d’allergie, mais aussi de contact avec des parasites comme les acariens.

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