New baby decoration collection back to school 2020

New baby decoration collection back to school 2020

The season that will have really inspired us for this return is fall. Warm colors and simple shapes for your children's room decor. 4 models that will appeal to your cherubs. The heart for the most romantics, a timeless one that we have treated like a balloon. Our models of music boxes and wooden wall lights are always in natural oak plywood. The available melody is the famous song Hey Jude from the most famous English group The Beattles.

Our new acorn or hazelnut model is round, this shape will appeal to the little ones. Wolf moms will love this comforting round shape too. The music box has an important place in the baby's room. This wooden object is an essential for the decoration of the baby room.

We also created a model of lamp in the shape of a planet for little boys and girls who are passionate about space. Create an atmosphere for older children who are passionate about observing the Milky Way. Turn one of the walls into a real sky map! Our wall lamp associated with a star wall will mark the spirits and the identity of your baby's room.

Discover our 9 prints of fabric pacifier clips for newborns on the site. The baby pacifier clip cleans itself with water from the fabric. The round-shaped crocodile clip in natural wood is without nikel or lead, it is stamped April 11. It allows you to fix the fabric pacifier clip on any type of support (changing bag, stroller, clothing, blanket). The silicone between the claws of the gripper prevents any tearing of the textile.

Posted on 10/29/2020 Shopping 218