This week is the Rouen shop we wished to speak to you...

The feather zebra has been distributing our products since its inception and we are rather proud of it! I hope you will love the colorful and crazy world of this duo mother daughter.

# How was the "Zebra with Feathers" shop born? since when ? And why this pretty name?

We created the shop with my daughter Mathilde 2 years ago. We had this common passion and a local was liberated. The adventure was launched. For the name, we wanted a character a little wacky and fanciful.

# What were you doing before?

The click to open the shop? Before I worked in the social, a very different field although it serves me a lot for the relational with customers in the shop. Mathilde worked for IDEAT, Made in Design and MilkDécoration recently.

She helped me at first and then she joined today full-time adventure.

# Can you introduce us to the shop? What is there? (which products and some brands)

We wanted to create an enchanted parenthesis. We really want to stimulate the imagination and the dream as soon as the customers enter.

For this, we have selected small French and even local designers who offer original and dream products. We love handmade products but we also cracked for Scandinavian brands like Ferm Living and Bloomingville.

The place also proposes a small corner depot-sale kids and workshops DIY animated by creators.

# Why did you choose the universe for children?

The idea was to separate the shop with a child corner and an adult corner and over time, the universe of the child reigned for our greatest happiness. We have a weakness for the mirrors "Renard", the soft toys "Clouds" and the decoration "Owls". It's really soothing and it gives a smile.

# I believe that in the zebra with feathers one works with family? Is it important that the products you like all have before being sold in your shop?

Generally, both products are selected yes.

# Of all the brands you offer, which one do you like the most?

I have a big favorite for the pillows of Pas si Sages, the iconic comforters of Luckyboy Sundays, the poetic decorations of Scalaé.

# Your favorite places in Rouen? For lunch, drink a coffee, buy a dress, order a flower bouquet ...

I love going to eat a pie at home Dame Cake, acheter une robe chez A côté,
order a bouquet at Flower Story, eat a salad at Citizen and buy me an armchair at Pièce Unik.

For a weekend in Rouen, and full of beautiful addresses do not hesitate to read the article of Lili in wonderland ici.

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Le Zèbre à Plumes

20 rue de l’hôpital

76000 Rouen

Ouvert du mardi au vendredi de 11h à 13h30 et de 14h30 à 19h

Et le samedi de 10h à 19h

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