Since February, the innovative Bonjour Minot boutique! moved to 62 rue Joseph Vernet in Avignon. You are looking for an original idea, a birth gift, ornaments for nice and unusual children's rooms ... Push the door quickly! A new section for the blog, in which I would like to present to you the shops that distribute APRIL ELEVEN. I hope that you will be fond of these small appointments and that you will discover beautiful shops near you.

The very nice shop Bonjour Minot! opened its doors on the 10th Févrirer last in Avignon ... all new I tell you! And we were among the first brands chosen by Marine the adorable person in charge of this sublime address. # How was "Bonjour Minot" born? since when ? Since my son was born, I have discovered superb brands for children, original, and very qualitative. I found them on the internet and I did not understand why we could not see them in Avignon. These brands deliver the Vaucluse without a point of sale, so I was not the only one looking for beautiful pieces for my child. I started looking for an address last September, and at the end of the year, the ideal place presented itself to me! # And why this pretty name? I loved sharing this project with my friends, they are very creative! The name Bonjour Minot was born during a stay in the Basque Country! The air of the ocean has inspired us.

Boite à musique Licorne - 49euros

# What were you doing before? The click to open the shop? I worked in international trade, in France and abroad. I wanted 30 years to create, to build a solid project and this one presented itself as a solution for the avignonnais in search of originality. # Can you introduce us to the shop? The shop is as I imagined it: welcoming! A universe in which women (and also some men) take pleasure in composing their outfits. I propose different universes and customers create theirs by associating several brands.

Miroir esquimau - 45euros

# What is there? (which products and some brands)

I chose Arsène and the pipelets, Mini Rodini, Tiny Cottons, Le Petit Germain, Collégien for children, and Zadig & Voltaire for teenagers. The universe of birth is particularly important to me.

It's a wonderful moment, I love when parents or grandparents marvel at original or authentic, and especially qualitative marks: April Eleven, of course! Amy & Ivor, La Pelucherie, La Langerie, Minois Paris, Moumout ', and soon the layette with Egg NYC!

For decoration too, I love the brand Œuf NYC which offers a nice alternative for (big) children! Soon, new brands will also join the hangers of Bonjour minot.

# Why did you choose the universe for children?

The universe of the child is the one I know best with my son, the one in which I could propose something different in Avignon

Boite à musique Baleine - 49euros

# How do you choose the products you sell in the shop? I look for useful, comfortable and practical products, and all are chosen in the heart! I have the chance to open the shop with a beautiful summer spring selection. The creators have a real talent and I am happy to see the enthusiasm they encounter with my clients. # Of all the brands that you offer, which one you have the biggest blow of heart? I love them all !! I just direct the clients according to their need! If it is to offer or for his child, whether it is a birth or an anniversary, if they want clothes or accessories: I have the chance to love each of the products I have in store!

Boite à musique marin - 49euros

# Your favorite addresses in Avignon?

For lunch, drink a coffee, buy a dress, order a flower bouquet ... I did not choose the address of Bonjour minot by chance: the Faubourg Vernet is my favorite area! The magic of a meal at La Cour d'Honneur, a Pâtisserie Vernet cake made by a world champion (nothing but that), the decoration as original as sublime at Ar deco ...

I only leave this street for 2 exceptions: CQFD for its concept Made in France and A loves for its wonderful loft and its magnificent bouquets ...

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Open from Tuesday to Saturday - 10h 12h - 14h 19h


• Avignon

• Downtown For children from 0 to 16 years Clothing

• Accessories

• Decoration

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