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  • 25,00 € In Stock
    A wooden snail mirror, easy to decorate your child's room. Your kids will appreciate its reassuring lines, soft and round. As always the minimalist premium at April Eleven. Our products are hand made and packed with great care. Size : 17 x 21 cm
  • 49,00 € In Stock
    Little girls love pretty hearts, here's a mischievous one. In addition to decorating your children's room, this music box will soothe your child at bedtime. Size : 23x23cm
  • 9,00 € In Stock
    Your baby will soon catch everything that moves, so he needs something adapted to his morphology. With this beautiful wooden rattle, with 3 wooden beads, he can increase his dexterity and make music. This wooden rattle was made of natural beech wood, untreated so perfectly suited to your baby. Montessori method inspiration & APRIL ELEVEN logo....
  • 25,00 € In Stock
    This pretty wooden puppet is a mount yourself, it is sold with a piece of cord. In natural poplar, it gives it a Scandinavian touch that is really the trend of the moment. You will also have fun with your child to paint it. Easy to hang on the wall.
  • 49,00 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    This mischievous apple in wood is actually a music box. Simply place it near your child's bed, or above the changing table to use as often as possible.  Nothing more poetic. All you have to do is choose the melody.
  • 69,00 € In Stock
    The flowers of this print are vintage wishes and we love this indoor baby swing model. It is of course recommended to stay near your child, and to fix the swing to 30cm of the ground. Suitable for children up to 14kilos.
Showing 73 - 78 of 78 items